What is the dirty dozen?

The dirty dozen refers to the fruits and vegetables that are the most contaminated by pesticide use. With this knowledge in hand, we have made it our goal to source these foods organically to make the most nutritionally sound and safe product possible.


Are you certified gluten free?

We only source products that are certified gluten free. However, our facility does produce products that contain gluten so cross contamination is possible.


Are your products organic?

We work with farmers and the community to get as much organic products as possible and to keep the price tag friendly. We always source the dirty dozen and strive to get as much organic produce on top of that as we can. You will always find organic indication on our products.

Does Nude cater events?

Yes! Nude offers catering for a multitude of events from office parties to film sets. Contact us via nudesmoothies@gmail.com for all catering enquiries.


What are the benefits of activated charcoal do?

Activated charcoal has become a new superfood of sorts and for good reason. This gothic powder has many health benefits such as relieving bloat, whitening teeth, purifying your skin, detoxing your system and our favorite, a seemingly miracle hangover cure.


Are your smoothies vegan/gluten free?

All of our smoothies are certified vegan and gluten free. We love plants!


I have a lot of allergies, can I have your products?

We have designed our smoothies to be suitable for everyone. Can’t have bananas? No problem. We’ve got you covered. (even though they're our favourite)

Do you offer cleanse packages?

Our smoothies are great for cleansing! Benefits can be found under Gold Rush (embed link), Heart Beet (embed link) or any of our smoothies. However, cleanse packages are not available at this time.


What is the shelf life? Do they need to be refrigerated?

Since we like to keep our drinks fresh and preservative free, the shelf life of our smoothies are 2-3 days. Check your bottle to see expiry dates and store below 4 degrees C to keep those enzymes and nutrients nice and happy.


Do you deliver?

Delivery is not available at this time. 


Why the higher cost?

Our smoothies are pricey but we assure you, it’s for good reason. Like we have stated above, we are committed to producing the freshest, tastiest, most nutritionally sound product possible and that comes with a hefty price tag. Organic ingredients can cost 4 times as much as their conventional counterparts but we are dedicated to your health and the sustainability of the planet. All of our products are made by hand in small batches which is labour intensive but produces the most nutrient-rich, healthiest, delicious smoothie possible. We throw our hearts into our products and you can taste the difference.

How many calories?

We believe in nutrition, not calories. All of our products use the highest of quality, whole plant food ingredients. We push getting in as much nutrition as possible without getting hung up on calorie counts.

Is it a meal replacement?

Our smoothies can be a replacement or a nice punch of nutrition throughout your day.

Depending who is drinking our smoothies, it can definitely substitute as your meal! We have jam packed our smoothies full of natural proteins and nutrient rich fruits and veggies to satisfy all of your hunger cravings.


What does plant-based mean?

Plant based refers to foods that come from the earth. Healthy, delicious and conscious with nothing derived from animals. Just tons and tons of nutritious plants.

What do you mean when you say your smoothies are unpasteurized?

Pasteurization is the process where a product is heated to high temperatures to kill any possible harmful bacteria. We do not do this because it also kills good bacteria which is essential for healthy gut flora. Our smoothies are raw with zero preservatives or additives. They may not be suitable for pregnant women or infants or for people who avoid raw products. Keep refrigerated please!


Are any of your smoothies good for when I’m sick or hungover?

All of our smoothies are great for a sick day or any day! However, some of our favourites are our Gold Rush to beat a cold with a ginger-turmeric kick or our Health Goth to clean out the grit from a wild night with some charcoal.